More Hair Naturally - Women's Hair Loss Chart

"Most women will experience a diffusion pattern or a general overall thinning..."

The following is for educational purposes: While the mechanics of hair loss in women are almost identical to that of men, the source can vary as women are more prone to hormonal fluctuations. As in men, the major cause of hair loss in women is the build up of DHT (dihydro-testosterone) in follicle receptor sites, which cuts off the blood flow (and nutrients) causing the follicle to slowly miniaturize and eventually die. As the follicle shrinks, so does the hair shaft and it is this that causes the thinning. The major differences between men and women are: A) In general women will NOT produce as much DHT as men as the DHT molecule is produced from the male hormone, testosterone. B) Most women will experience a diffusion pattern or a general overall thinning on the top of the head versus the “pattern” balding that men experience C) It will take much longer for a follicle to die with females and reversal rates are generally a higher percent for success. D) As mentioned earlier, women are susceptible to hormone fluctuations, thus causing a temporary rise of DHT levels in the body. These “DHT spikes” can be caused by pregnancy, periods of stress, menopause, thyroid conditions, birth control, certain meds, hormone therapy, etc. Another factor that should be mentioned is the extreme hair styling that women may undergo. Straightening, perms, coloring, extensions, braids and falls can put some serious wear and tear on hair shafts and follicles; and though these factors may not cause hair loss, they can exacerbate the situation.


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