Client Success Stories

"I had always been skeptical of products advertising to stop and reverse hair loss, but when I saw that my hair was definitely thinning, I decided to give More Hair, Naturally a try. After using it for just 2 weeks, I saw a dramatic improvement in my hairline and in the thickness of my hair. I cannot recommend More Hair, Naturally enough. You can actually feel it working when you apply it! The results are amazing!"   ~JFB, California

"My son's alopecia areata is getting better. The areata went from a dime size to a quarter size and is now back to a dime size. It's closing up, hair is regrowing and things are looking good for him!" ~RG, Illinois

"It's only been two months and IT IS working! My hair used to lie flat because it was so thin. Now when I comb it back, it's like a pillow, that's the only way I can explain it, because of the fullness and the new hairs coming in. I can see them and it gives me that pillow effect.  That's why I want to carry it in my salon." ~ MG, NY

"I began researching More Hair Naturally online and decided to try the Intensive Scalp Serum and Shampoo. I began to see some slight regrowth in spots that I've never seen regrowth before, but it just wasn't enough. I was introduced into the More Hair Naturally 9 Program and purchased a few bottles. I have now been using it for 2-months and have seen some amazing results. I use the scalp serum in the morning, and then 3 sprays at lunch and 3 sprays in the evening. I just started my second bottle....  you can see on the top where there are hair follicles starting to grow back! It was really in the past 30 days that I started seeing some visible growth. I am hoping that this success will continue and eventually have my crown fill in completely!"

[A few months later...]

"I have hit the 9-month mark and wanted to share my results.  The results speak for themselves and I could not be happier. What an amazing product.  At 9-months, I continue to see results and the hair is filling in nicely.  Back in November, you could clearly see the skin on my scalp and there was little if any hair in the bald spot (size of a softball).  Today, the bald spot is almost completely filled in and the hair continues to become denser by the week."  I continue to use 3 sprays of the More Hair Naturally 9 in the morning and 3 sprays at night.  I use the Intensive Scalp Serum once every 3 days."    ~MR, Michigan

"Using The More Hair Naturally 9 with the Intensive Scalp Serum is giving me amazing results.  Prior to this combo, I was just maintaining my hair and now Iím seeing significant progress.  I use one in the morning and the other in the evening.  Simple and easy!"   ~ P,Ohio

"As a Doctor board certified in Natural and Integrative Medicine for more than 30 years, and a strong academic background in the sciences, I won't say that I was skeptical of re-growing my hair, but more of an indifference about it, accepting my male-pattern baldness. It is genetic and unavoidable in my family line.

I used the More Hair Naturally product more as a test subject than with the interest of growing hair back, and after a number of months, noticed a definitive change. The thin and sparse, almost baby-hair on the top of my head in front of the completely bald area, has transformed into real , darker, hair. Still sparse, but an amazing improvement in
appearance, and the diameter of the fully balded area has decreased as well.

I have been interested in the applications of using live stem cells for various regenerative purposes in the body, and am convinced that this is what makes this spray so effective. Basically I was doubtful that with my inherited (and verified with genetic testing) baldness, there would be much of a change, and have been very surprised and well pleased with the result. Furthermore, I enjoy the sense of vitality and aliveness in my scalp I feel when I apply More Hair Naturally 9." ~Dr. RN, DC, BCIM

"Having male pattern baldness on both sides of my family going back generations I got an early start on trying to retain my hair. By age 29 I lost at least 10% of my hair and it was going fast!  I was an early adopter of Minoxidil when it was first offered for hair loss on a prescription basis. Over the years it became apparent that it was not keeping up with my receding hairline and thinning crown. After hearing a radio ad about 5-years ago, I began using a natural product, designed to stop DHT. Through the company's changes and product developments, More Hair Naturally 9 has thus far foiled my genetic predisposition to be a bald guy.  

The experience has not been without periodic heartburn. Each time the product changed and improved I started losing hair again and called customer service in a panic. They did a terrific job of explaining the transition and what to do differently until my chemistry adapted to the new formula. Ultimately the hair loss subsided and we were back to maintenance mode in a couple of months.

Now, at age 60,  I can attest to the efficacy of the product and the terrific service that comes with it."  ~P, TX

"I am female, 60 years old and had hair loss due to a combo of menopause and some meds that contained steroids. I was losing it in the back, the crown area. That area was about 75-85% of thinning. I saw the More Hair Naturally products on the internet and what struck me was the ingredients that they were using, which is hard to find in other products and websites. The actual ingredients, I mean. More Hair Naturally was right up front about it and I consider stem cells to be cutting edge technology in treatment of hair condition(s).  I purchased a 6 month program of the More Hair Naturally 9 and the Intensive Scalp Serum, but began seeing results in about 4. The volume of my hair is thicker and the area on the crown is now over 90% filled in."   ~J.S., Indiana

"I have been using your product for four months now, and here are the results so far.  The hair on top of my head was starting to thin. This has improved to the point where it’s now difficult to see the previously thinning area. But the most surprising thing is that my hairline has improved with new hair growing, and still growing at the front and temples where I have been slowly receding for about 10 years. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have denser hair than I did five years ago and it is still improving.  What makes it even more remarkable is that I am in my late fifties. I wish it had been available sooner."  ~P.D. United Kingdom

"I've been using the different products for over ten years with good to moderate results. This latest stuff, the 9, is making my hair sprout like weeds.  It's unbelievable." ~D, California

"I'll be 80 this year and Iím growing hair.  I canít believe it."   ~BL, NY

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