More Hair Naturally - Men's Hair Loss Chart

"Eventually the follicle will stop producing hair..."

The following is for educational purposes: Men are more vulnerable to hair loss due to a high level of Dihydro-Testosterone (DHT) in their system. DHT is created when the male hormone testosterone metabolizes in the body. These DHT molecules, though active, have no function in the body and are excreted like any other waste product. However, if a person has inherited what are called “receptor sites” in the follicle (this being the genetic trait that creates hair loss) these DHT molecules, now in the blood stream will flow through the follicle and begin attaching or binding themselves to these receptor sites and each other. Over time, the build up becomes so extreme that the blood flow, which also delivers nutrients for a follicle to function properly, is cut off and the follicle begins to miniaturize. A shrinking follicle will still grow hair, but generally the hair shaft is thin or fine and won’t grow as fast or thick as it once did; often the hair begins to lose pigment as well. Eventually the follicle will stop producing hair and go into a dormant state; where the follicle is still alive, but no longer growing any hair. In general, dormancy can last between 5-8 years, after that the follicle dies completely and re-growth is not possible. What is described above is what is called androgenetic alopecia or commonly referred to as male pattern balding. There are several patterns and stages of balding.


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