“I think More Hair Naturally will help me. Now What?”

Everyone is different and so is the condition of their hair. Below is some general guidance on programs we suggest for various stages of thinning hair.


My hair lookS like this…

More Hair Naturally Advanced kit photo.png

When you can easily see the scalp on the crown or top and have a receding hair line with 40% - 50% of your hair thinning, or you have the “horse shoe, the monk, the widow’s peak” looks, or if you are currently experiencing EXTREME SHEDDING, we recommend taking an aggressive approach and using the AGGRESSIVE PROGRAM PACK until the shedding subsides.  If you have had hair loss for over 10 years, also consider this program.

My hair lookS like this…

More Hair Naturally Advanced Starter Kit.png

If you are primarily thinning and most likely still have hair (though sparse) on some severe areas, or you have lost 20-40% of your hair, or you are not shedding anymore, but the hair doesn’t seem to be as thick or as full as it once was. In this case we recommend the ADVANCED STARTER KIT.

My hair lookS like this…

More Hair Naturally Basic Starter Kit photo.png

If you have “some” or “slight” thinning in general over the top or in 1-2 areas, but no real balding areas. If you are, in general, catching the problem early, within the last 3-5 years and you can still style your hair like always, but there is concern about things becoming worse. For you we recommend starting with the BASIC STARTER KIT.

When choosing your program, if you are not sure which program to get, it is better to take the more aggressive approach. It is important to USE AS DIRECTED to receive benefits, please read all instruction pamphlets or call Customer Service (800)655-3847 if you have any questions. If you use OTHER HAIR THICKENING PRODUCTS and/or COLORING, STRAIGHTENERS, FILLERS, STYLING PRODUCTS, etc., please call for proper usage advise. All More Hair Naturally products are natural, drug free, with no known side-effects.